DNC - Today in Boston: Fired Romney Worker & Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair to hold Press Conference on Romney¹s Job Killing Record

Washington D.C. – Friday, January 6th, Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh and Randy Johnson, one of the many middle class workers who was laid off by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, will hold a press conference at the W Hotel in Boston to discuss Romney’s decades-long record of putting profits before people. Johnson was in Iowa last week to share his story ahead of the caucus and will continue to New Hampshire following this press conference to make sure Granite State voters know about Romney’s anti-middle class record.

Randy Johnson worked at an American Pad and Paper (AMPAD) plant in Indiana that was bought by Bain Capital in 1992. After Bain took over they laid off workers, cut wages, slashed health care benefits and eliminated the retirement plan.  The workers at the plant went on strike.  Rather than negotiate with the workers, Bain closed the factory and laid off the 250 workers that were left.  A few years after Bain bought AMPAD, they piled on debt and plunged it in to bankruptcy, closing more plants and laying off hundreds more workers.  Despite the devastation to families and communities, Bain Capital made $100 million off the transaction.

The central question of this election is going to be who will restore economic security for the middle class. Mitt Romney believes that we can just cut our way to prosperity.  He believes America should join a race to the bottom based on loopholes and outsourcing.  He believes that Wall Street should be able to write its own rules again and pursue whatever means necessary to create profits regardless of the consequences for middle class families.


Randy Johnson, Former AMPAD Employee Fired by Romney’s Bain Capital

John Walsh, Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair


Press Conference on Romney’s Job Killing Record


Friday, January 6th at 10:00 AM ET


The W Hotel

Studio 4 & 5 (Mezzanine Level)

100 Stuart Street

Boston, Massachusetts