FREIND column: Santorum's Arrogance Will Be His Downfall Again

Today's FREINDLY FIRE column:

"Santorum's Arrogance Will Be His Downfall --- Again"


"...Santorum’s arrogance led to his shellacking in 2006, yet, as we will see, it
was a lesson lost.

It was arrogance that led him to publish his book before that election, despite advisors
begging him to wait until later, since many parts, they warned, would be taken out
of context by his opponent (which they were).

It was arrogance that led him to become a big-spending, big-government Republican
while labeling himself a fiscal “conservative.”

It was arrogance to claim he was a “Pennsylvania” senator while effectively living
year-round --- with his family --- in Virginia.

And most damaging, it was arrogance which led Santorum to endorse liberal Republican
Arlen Specter over conservative icon Pat Toomey late in the 2004 primary election---
which many Pennsylvania Republicans credit as the final push that delivered Specter
his razor thin victory.

..Fast forward to 2012. Lost in the media spotlight of the Iowa Caucuses is the
fact that Santorum sold his soul right out of the gate, playing both sides on one
of the most important issues to Iowans --- ethanol mandates...

..Santorum’s sound bite line after the Iowa results was “game on.” But as America
learns about the real Rick, it will soon be “Game Over.”

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