NewtHampshire - Tea Party Newspaper with Newt

Largest Tea Party newspaper in New England, The Valley Patriot, endorses Newt Gingrich for President.

The editorial board of The Valley Patriot has released its unanimous endorsement of Newt Gingrich for President! The Valley Patriot is the largest Tea Party newspaper in New England, and likely the country.

“…Gingrich is the candidate most in tune with Tea Party principles. Speaker Newt Gingrich will best defend job providers, will give a national voice to Tea Party principles, will implement the best fiscal policies for the nation, and will help small businesses begin investing, hiring, and spending again.”

The editorial notes Newt’s “career-long passion for America’s roots” and concludes “only Gingrich seems to have the fire in his belly needed to champion fundamental reform of our government….”

On Romney: “a candidate that isn’t committed to returning America to our founding principles. At least not as committed as Newt Gingrich.”

Full endorsement editorial here.

The Valley Patriot distributes throughout the Merrimack Valley of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including in Salem, Plaistow, and Hampton NH.

As you know, this evening Newt is attending a public town hall meeting hosted by the Lakes Region Tea Party, whose presidential straw polls he was won the last two months. The event begins at 7pm at Church Landing at Mill Falls, 281 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith NH. Join us! If you can’t make it, watch from home. C-SPAN is live broadcasting the Tea Party Town Hall with Newt!