NH Poetry Society - Poetry, the Antidote to Political Fatigue and Cabin Fever

Poetry, the Antidote to Political Fatigue and Cabin Fever 

The Poetry Society of New Hampshire will host a reading by Maudelle Driskelle on Saturday, January 28th at Noon in the auditorium of the Manchester City Library, 405 Pine Steet, Manchester, NH   03104.

Maudelle, an award winning poet and founding editor of the Atlanta Review, is the Executive Director of the Frost Place in Franconia, NH.  Prior to her reading, at 11AM, members of the society will read their work. All are welcome. The event is free and open to the public.

For more information contact the society at poetrysocietyofnh@gmail.com or call 603-332-0732. To learn more about the society or learn what is happening in the poetry world, visit us on the web at www.poetrysocietyofnewhampshire.org or visit our Facebook page.


The Poetry Society of New Hampshire is a non profit  membership organization dedicated to the promotion of poetry. The society publishes the quarterly journal The Poets’ Touchstone, sponsors poetry contests and hosts poetry readings and workshops. The society also publishes anthologies, most recently The 2010 Poets Guide to NH and The Other Side of Sorrow, Poets Speak Out About Conflict, War and Peace (winner of the 2005 IPPY Bronze Award), and the occasional chapbook.  Our latest anthology on the issues of ageing is looking for submissions.  www.poetrysocietyofnewhampshire.org