The Daily Newt: The One to Beat Obama

First you win the argument, then you win the vote.

In Plymouth, New Hampshire, at the first of his four townhall meetings yesterday, Newt said and showed that he has the experience, skills, and solutions to beat Barack Obama.

Newt can and will run a general election campaign that demonstrates the wide differences between his and Obama's worldviews and results. It will be as stark as paychecks versus foodstamps. (Littleton, NH)

Here is more about the right candidate to defeat Obama.

Meet the right candidate today in Lebanon, Newport, Nashua, or Salem. We especially invite you to the Don’t Mass-Up New Hampshire” town hall at Salem High School, 44 Geremonty Drive, starting at 7pm. We’ll be close to Massachusetts geographically, but we’ll be miles away philosophically.

Do the right thing. Follow the NewtHampshire calendar to campaign with Newt and his team here.