Bass For Congress - Democrats Push The Lie of the Year


Dear Friend,

Just how far are national Democratic groups that support Ann Kuster willing to go to try and defeat me in November and return Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker of the House?

The answer: They are willing to LIE to the people of New Hampshire about my record to protect and preserve Medicare.

This morning ABC News reported that special interest groups that support Ann Kuster , the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Howard Dean's Democracy for America will be running ads during this weekend's Presidential debates in New Hampshire that distort and lie about my votes on Medicare. It is an ad that Pulitizer Prize winning, non-partisan independent fact-checking website, named the "2011 Lie of the Year".

Seniors and voters in New Hampshire deserve the facts and not be subjected to lies spread by out of state interest groups. I have long supported preserving and protecting Medicare and ensuring that anyone over the age of 55 will not see a change to their benefits, and ensuring that the our children and grandchildren have access to this valuable and critical program.

The Democrats continue to lie about Medicare because they are trying to hide from their own record. The only plan that will end Medicare is the Democrat's plan to do nothing which will force the program to go bankrupt in the near future. President Obama's Health Care law, supported by Ann Kuster, cuts over $500 billion from Medicare to pay for other health care programs. These are not the ways to save Medicare.

Please help me fight back against these lies by sharing with your friends and family the truth about my record on preserving and protecting Medicare.Please contribute $10 today to help me fight back against this dishonest attack!

As always, thank you for your support.