[freekeenenews] Free Keene Bloggers Make National News Singing at Santorum Appearance in Keene

It was a visit to Keene from Rick Santorum. Local liberty activists
decided to go and sing him some "chronic carols" (classic carol tunes
with lyrics opposing the war on drugs). The Associated Press was
there with their cameras and here's the selection of clips from them
that has been picked up by FOX and the Washington Post:


In the clips, you'll see two Free Keene bloggers. I'm the guy going
up the stairs with the video camera and the CopBlock sweater. The
real star is FTL's Tuesday night co-host, Derrick J. he's the well
dressed, flaming gay guy holding the "Feds Out of NH - Secede Now"

Derrick is available for interview. He'd be happy to talk about this
incident, the war on drugs, secession, LGBT issues, or whatever is of
interest to you. Of course, I'm also available for interview.

Happy new year and please let me know how I may be of assistance,
Ian Freeman
Blogger, FreeKeene.com