NewtHampshire - Timid vs. Bold: Don’t “Mass Up” New Hampshire

A NH/MA border townhall, an ad, a debate

The hands went up when Newt asked for a showing of Massachusetts “refugees” who have moved to New Hampshire at a Friday townhall at Salem High School (in Salem NH: lower taxes, fewer witches). Many moved for the favorable culture of low taxes and small government in New Hampshire.

Portsmouth Newt supporter Jeff Semprini’s T-shirts emblazoned “Don’t ‘Mass Up’ New Hampshire” gave the slogan of the night. Here is a photo gallery of the event, where Newt distinguished the New Hampshire Advantage with Massachusetts government-as-usual.

With your help, we can air a TV ad contrasting Newt’s bold jobs plan with Mitt’s timid approach.

Tonight you can further observe this study in contrasts in the WMUR/ABC News debate at 9:00 p.m. Watch live and tweet! If you are or can be nearby, email to meet fellow NewtHampshirites and sign-wave at Saint Anselm College before the debate. Be as we expect Newt to be in the debate and in the White House—bold.