NH GOP Weekly Update

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  1. New Hampshire Primary
  2. NH GOP Needs your Help
  3. Title Loan Lendding Veto Overriden in the House
  4. NH State Senate Announces Redistricting Plan
  5. Upcoming Events

New Hampshire Presidential Primary: January 10, 2012



It is OUR turn now! The New Hampshire First in the Nation Primary is here.  As all of the candidates are in the state to make their appeal to voters, remember to take time to check out their web-site for more information on each individual. You can find a listing of all candidates and their contact information here. Also check out their events by clicking here.

Regardless of the results, we as the Republican Party stand united in making Obama a one-term President. Not only has he failed to improve the economy, in many ways he's made it worse. Looking to goverrnment for answers to our problems is the wrong path for America. Our GOP nominee will focus on limited government and personal responsibility; and not on government hand outs. 

Also, remember to check out our facebook page and twitter updates to see what is going on and partake in the #FITNfacts.

Let's show the country why we are First in the Nation. Good luck to all of the candidates!



The NH GOP Needs your Help to win against Obama

The NH GOP needs your support to defeat President Obama' big spending ways! As you know we have four days to go before our First in the Nation Primary, and we need to show that we have a strong, energized and growing GOP here in New Hampshire. Can I count on your support of $100, $50 or $25 today? At the State Party in Concord, we’re working hard to ensure that we not only deliver our state for the presidential and gubernatorial nominees, but that we also maintain our majorities in the state legislature and we keep our GOP delegation in Congress. 

Our Republican leaders are fighting to hold the line on spending, keep our taxes low and put people back to work. We came together during our historic victories in 2010, and we need to do the same now as we head into a critical 2012 election year. Click here to show your support by contributing $100, $50, $25 or $10 today.




Wayne MacDonald, Chairman
N.H. Republican State Committee




Title Loan Lending Veto Overridden in House : HB 57 Becomes Law


CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today offered the following statement on the override of Senate Bill 57 relative to regulation of title loan lenders. With the passage of SB 57 the legislation becomes law immediately. SB 57 was overridden by a 248 to 123 vote.


House Speaker William O’Brien


“This is an opportunity to help out New Hampshire’s small businesses get through challenging economic times and stay in business. The contractor waiting to get paid for past jobs can take out a take out a loan for the new plow truck he needs to buy for the winter season. A resident moving from one apartment to another could use a title loan to pay the security deposit on a new apartment while they wait for the security deposit on their old apartment security deposit to be returned. Most importantly, this law opens back up a whole sector of employment that New Hampshire had lost. We will continue to work toward supporting the economic climate for jobs in New Hampshire, as we have done today in overriding the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 57.”



State Senate Releases Redistricting Map

 State Senate Republicans this week released their plan for redistricting the state’s 24 Senate districts.



In creating a new map for state Senate districts, the Republican’s first priority was to meet the legal standards required by the U.S. and New Hampshire Constitutions.


The proposal also keeps any city smaller than a Senate district intact, combines communities of interest, and creates more compact districts.


“At the end of the day, this map was driven by math,” said Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) “the Senate will pass a law that serves the citizens of New Hampshire and meets our constitutional requirements and we believe the Republican proposal represents the way to do both.”


Even Senate Democrats were complementary of the plan. Minority Leader Senator Silvia Larsen (D-Concord), noting the compactness of the districts, said she didn’t see the “salamander districts” that exist in the current map as drawn by the courts. Sen. Matt Houde (D-Plainfield) told the Concord Monitor he did not see evidence of gerrymandering in the Republican plan and noted the combination of communities of interest, specifically mentioning Claremont and Charlestown.


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