Perry for President Announces Additional NH 'Fed Up with Washington' Coalition Members

Littleton Tea Party Coordinator, Sylvia Smith NH Team Perry

Today, Governor Perry welcomed eight new members to his Fed Up with Washington Coalition including two state representatives and a prominent tea party leader.

“I am weary of folks more concerned about a candidate's ability to fire off glib debate retorts than they are the individual's actual deeds. Rick Perry's economic record in Texas speaks louder than any words. It's time for a blunt realist at the helm to take on the do-nothing insider culture of Washington. Perry is that leader,” said Sylvia Smith who is the Littleton, NH Tea Party Coordinator, and NHGOP delegate.

Over the past two months, Governor Perry has laid out three plans to take on Washington’s politics-as-usual and focus on fostering a strong, job creating business climate in American once again: Uproot and Overhaul Washington; Cut, Balance and Grow; and Energizing American Jobs and Security.

"I agree with Gov. Perry that our Congress spends too much time directing how we live - and they do not live by the same standards.  If Congress was forced to live with the bills they pass, they would think twice about changing the rules that we-the-people live by,” said Karen Thoman, Nashua Republican activist and Nashua Republican City Committee Secretary.

Sylvia Smith and Karen Thoman join Perry’s Fed Up with Washington Coalition co-chairmen, Rep. Steve Cunningham and former Franklin Mayor Tony Giunta in this effort. Other members include:

-          Representative Tom Howard (R-Croydon)

-          Representative Walter Kolodziej (R-Windham)

-          Former Representative Mark Clark (R-Bedford)

-          Mr. John O’Brien – Hillsborough GOP activist and former Cain for President Hillsborough Chair.

-          Susan Olsen – Smart Girl Politics NH and Warner GOP Activist

-          Paul Thoman – Nashua GOP Activist

“Americans are indeed Fed Up with the spending, corruption, and blatant disregard for the people and our constitution that is coming out of DC,” said Representative Cunningham. “Rick Perry is the only non-Washington, non-establishment candidate in this GOP Primary race.  Only he has the bold ideas, executive experience, and courage to actually take on Washington to make it work for the people again. I am very proud to support Rick Perry for President.”