Gov. Rick Perry Establishes Identity as True Washington/Establishment Outsider in GOP Field, Shares Fiscally and Socially Conservative Values

Offers strong performance at WMUR/ABC News Presidential Debate

MANCHESTER, N.H. - As the true non-Washington, non-establishment candidate in the GOP race, Texas Gov. Rick Perry tonight shared his vision for an America returned to its former glory, putting the American people back to work and ending the corrupt culture of Washington, D.C. The debate highlighted Gov. Perry's U.S. Air Force service and his strong policies on job creation, fiscal reforms and socially conservative principles.  

"I'm the true outsider in this race who has not been part of the problem in Washington, D.C.," Gov. Perry said. "We have to nominate someone that can beat Barack Obama, that can get the Tea Party behind them, that can go to Washington, D.C., and stop the corrupt spending that has been going on. It doesn't make any difference whether you're an insider from Washington, D.C., or you're an insider from Wall Street.

"Americans want someone who has a record of executive governing experience like I have in Texas. I've been the commander-in-chief of 20,000-plus troops that get deployed. I have been the governor of a state that has created a million net new jobs. That is what Americans are looking for - an outsider that is not corrupted by the process."

As Gov. Perry has traveled the country sharing his message of faith, jobs and freedom, he has put forth detailed plans to get America working again when elected president. His Uproot and Overhaul Washington plan establishes a part-time Congress spending half the time in Washington with half of the pay and half of the staff - where members spend more time living at home under the laws they create with jobs like their constituents. The governor's Uproot and Overhaul Washington plan ends bailouts and earmarks, and Gov. Perry has pledged to veto any bill that includes earmarks. 

Gov. Perry is the only candidate in this race with the record of creating a pro-jobs, pro-innovation and pro-business environment. Under Gov. Perry, Texas has created more than one million net new jobs and ranked first in job creation. Under President Obama, America has lost more than two million jobs.

Responding to the value of military service in the next commander-in-chief, former USAF pilot Gov. Perry said, "I think it brings a very clear knowledge about what it requires from those on the frontlines. I have been the governor of the state of Texas and having been the commander-in-chief for 11 years there, there are 20,000-plus troops that we've deployed to multiple theaters of operation.

"What this president is doing with our military budget is going to put our country's freedom in jeopardy. A president that doesn't understand the military, and a president who is allowing the reduction of the DOD budget so that he can spend money in other places, and it will put America's freedom in jeopardy."

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