Highlights from Call With RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and NH GOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald on New Hampshire Memo From RNC

January 9, 2012

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Highlights from Conference Call With RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and NH GOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald on New Hampshire Memo From RNC


RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

“It was in New Hampshire where in 2006 a little known junior senator from Illinois hinted at a possible run for the White House…Well here we are today…and obviously our nation has changed considerably.

“As the first in the nation primary, voters go to the polls tomorrow. That once glow surrounding the Obama parade, is now replaced with the gray of unemployed Americans, record debt, higher healthcare costs, glitzy fundraisers, vacations and broken promises.

“In 2009, Barack Obama enjoyed an approval rate over three times higher than this approval…back then…66 to 21 approval to disapproval. But as we all know, that came tumbling down very quickly, just like the economy he promised to fix and the transparency that he promised as well.

“His approval now is upside down by 12 points, 40 to 52 and abysmally low with young and independent voters, both critical blocks of Obama’s 2008 support.

“The President has racked up 3 years of broken promises from a failure to create jobs, to a failure to address the debt, and failure to change Washington. And at the Republican National Committee, we have cataloged every single speech, every press release, every word that has come out of this president’s mouth, who as we know is in love with the sound of his own voice and we’ll use those words against him to ensure that folks in New Hampshire know that Barack Obama has failed to deliver.

“This primary process, last week in the battleground state of Iowa and right now in the battleground state of New Hampshire, is great for our party. The more voters in places like Manchester  and across our nation who hear about these broken promises the worse it will be for this president.

“Granite State Republicans will go the polls to decide who will face Barack Obama and in November voters of the Granite State will go to the polls to replace Barack Obama, help save this country economically, and put ourselves back on the right track.” 

New Hampshire GOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald:

“New Hampshire is once again very, very honored to host the first primary in the nation. There is a lot of excitement on the ground here as the candidates meet with voters in diners, town halls and rallies all across the state.

“At the beginning of 2012, three years since the Obama presidency, 70% of Americans believe the country is now on the wrong track. Tomorrow, New Hampshire voters take place in the first in the nation primary, casting some of the first votes against Barack Obama against four more years of faded hope and change in the wrong direction.

“While the focus now is on the Republican race, for the next ten months the focus must be on one thing, the failed policies of the Obama presidency. Here in New Hampshire especially, folks are focused on his economic record, his spending record, and his big government record. America cannot afford a second term of failure. Four more years of Barack Obama means more of the same.

“This is a president who continues to look to government for answers to our nation’s problems. Here in the Granite State, he is going to have a hard time selling that record considering our belief in limited government and our commitment to entrepreneurship and the free market to boost the economy. On nearly every issue his policies have failed to produce positive change. As a result over 13 million Americans are unemployed. The national debt surpassed $15 trillion. Annual deficits exceed $1 trillion. Millions of families face home foreclosures...

“Talking about hope may win votes but it doesn’t fix an economy. Even the president’s signature legislative achievements have proven disastrous. The $825 billion stimulus which was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%, it didn’t.

“In 2008 Obama ran on bold promises and lofty rhetoric because he had no record. In 2012 he’ll run on negative attacks and misleading statements because he does have a record, a record of failed policies. But reelections are about records, they are referendums. Voters deem the sitting president success or failure and vote accordingly. If we are better off, the president tend to get reelected, if we are worse off it is time for new direction…”

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