Rally For Ovide & My Endorsement

Fellow Republicans,

In November 2nd of 2010, the voters of New Hampshire came out in a tsunami of support for Conservative GOP Candidates,  at all levels.  At the end of that day the GOP had won 298 of 400 State Representative Seats, 19 of the 24 State Senate Seats, and all 5 Executive Council Seats.  The only missing trophy was the Governorship. 

In 2012 we will have the opportunity to correct that situation and correct it, we must.  We need a Governor who is business friendly and understands what is required to create an environment where small businesses can flourish.  We need a governor who realizes that a government that governs best is that which governs least and that government needs to get out of the way of it citizens and its businesses.  We need a Governor that will set an example when it comes to standing up for the weakest of us.  A person who believes firmly in the sanctity of life, a person who believes in family values and a person who will protect and defend the Constitution of our State and of the United States of America.  Someone who will insure that our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed upon.  We will also need a leader who believes in the 10th Amendment and States Rights and pushing back against an ever encroaching Federal Government. 

We have such a person who is running for Governor.  That person is Ovide Lamontagne.  He is a man of Honor and Integrity.  A man who ran a great race for the US Senate only to come up short by some 1400 votes but who unselfishly chose not to request a recount so as to provide his primary opponent , Kelly Ayotte, with as much campaign time as possible, to defeat her Democratic  General Election opponent, Paul Hodes. 

It is for these reasons, and many more, that I am enthusiastically endorsing Ovide Lamontagne for Governor in 2012.  I am also asking all Conservative and Liberty loving voters to get behind Ovide in this critically important election.

There will be a rally for Ovide on January 14. Here is the information. I hope you can attend.


Mike and Mar-Mar Rogers

Cordially invite you to attend a Rally for


Candidate for Governor of New Hampshire

With Guest Speaker, Jack Kimball

MC, Jeff Chidester

Saturday, January 14th, 2012


The Crowne Plaza

2 Somerset Parkway

Nashua, New Hampshire


Please RSVP by January 12th to Laurel at



Donations may be made

Payable to: Friends of Ovide 2012

Mail to: Friends of Ovide 2012 Committee

P.O. Box 1007

Manchester, NH 03105-1007