Smart Girl Politics - McGuire to Discuss House Redistricting

Concord, NH – Redistricting plans required by the most recent U.S. census will affect how – and by whom - NH residents are represented in the New Hampshire Senate and House of Representatives.   At the January 11 meeting of Smart Girl Politics New Hampshire, Representative Carol McGuire, R-Merrimack 8, will discuss the implications of a plan to redraw existing NH House districts.

In a December 21 Union Leader article, reporter Garry Rayno wrote “Several members said the [House Special Committee On Redistricting] had the very difficult task of redrawing the lines under the federal constitutional concept of one-man, one-vote, and the state’s 2006 constitutional amendment requiring every community with enough population to have its own representative.”

During this election year, Smart Girl Politics New Hampshire (SGP-NH), part of Smart Girl Politics’ national organization of conservative women, will focus on supporting conservative incumbents and challengers in and for State and local offices.  SGP-NH meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at The Draft, 67 South Main Street, Concord, from 6-8 p.m.

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