Political Headlines - October 1, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Scott Brown paints win as key for GOP: Senator Brown's pitch to non-Massachusetts Republicans is stressing control of the Senate, not bipartisanship. Globe politics reporter Noah Bierman writes.   



  • Election's winner may shape Supreme Court: The high court's makeup and ideological balance could change, perhaps significantly, depending on who is elected president in November. Globe reporter Alan Wirzbicki details.



  • Energy policy shows fallacy of a 'domestic' debate: The reason why presidential debates can be so phony is because we've bought into the false notion that certain issues turn on and others turn off at our borders. Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem reports.


  • Obama using Mass. politicians to cast doubt on Romney: Eleven state Democrats who overlapped with Mitt Romney's term as governor will visit nine swing states this week in a foray timed to Wednesday's presidential debate. Globe correspondent Callum Borchers writes.