Concord, NH- Rep. Peter Sullivan (D-Manchester) recently filed a bill request (LSR #191) that would establish an income tax in New Hampshire. While Maggie Hassan has said no to an income tax, she also says she is against Question #1 on the ballot, which would ban an income tax in the state. Given this contradiction between what they're saying and what they're doing, it is vitally important all Democrat candidates explain where they stand on Question #1.

"Rep. Sullivan filing a bill request for an income tax goes to show the voters that the Democrats, including Maggie Hassan, are not serious about keeping an income  tax out of New Hampshire," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "Today, I ask all Democrat candidates, do you stand in support of Question #1 on the ballot that would ban an income tax? Or will you stand with Maggie Hassan and pretend to be in opposition to an income tax when you support the usual tax and spend agenda that you are all so desperately trying to keep from the voters? Rep. Sullivan has already blown the cover to the Democrats' secret agenda. Democrat candidates all the way down the ballot, including Maggie Hassan, might as well own up to the fact they are pro income tax."