Shea-Porter For Congress - Congressman Guinta’s Finances and FEC Investigation

New Hampshire- Our campaign has admirably avoided discussing Congressman Guinta's finances (except for his being the number one spender in the whole country on taxpayer-paid mailings). Therefore, we were shocked to see that Congressman Guinta was anxious to talk finances and lie about Carol Shea-Porter and her staff expenses. Congressman Guinta leaves us no choice but to discuss finances, both ours and his.  

Instead of unwarranted and uninformed personal attacks on Carol Shea-Porter and her staff, Congressman Guinta should be looking more closely at his own finances. He is still under active investigation by the Federal Election Commission. Congressman Guinta always likes to claim that he has been cleared by the House Ethics Committee, but of course, the Congressman knows that his case (first filed by a Republican) is actually at the Federal Election Commission. This is the reason Congressman Guinta is called one of the 14 most corrupt members of Congress, joining both Republicans and Democrats on that unenviable list.

Additionally, Congressman Guinta keeps paying huge legal fees out of his campaign fund to a K Street firm, Foley & Lardner, LLP, that specializes in dealings with government agencies, including the FEC, as they state on their website. So far, these unusual and unexplained fees have added up to more than $52,000. His latest FEC filing shows that the payments continue, and that his May, 2012 payment was $8,242.50, his June payment was $6,000, and his July payment was $5,115.

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement.

“We look forward to seeing Congressman Guinta’s Federal Election Commission filing for August and September soon, and we hope Congressman Guinta will explain his mysterious, ongoing legal fees to his campaign contributors and to the people of New Hampshire, who have a right to know what the status of his FEC investigation is and if these fees, which do not appear in other Member filings, are connected to the ongoing investigation of him by the Federal Election Commission.”

As for Congressman Guinta’s falsehoods, Carol Shea-Porter's Chief of Staff was an Attorney with Hill experience. Congressman Guinta pays his Chief of Staff about the same as she received.

As for closing the office, the Member of Congress does not set the date to close the offices in New Hampshire and in Washington. The date for termination of pay is also not up to the member. Congressman Guinta should know that since he was a Congressional staffer for former Congressman Jeb Bradley (who said in 2010 that Frank Guinta should drop out of the race if he could not provide a satisfactory answer as to where the money came from).

Carol Shea-Porter and her staff were still at work until December 22, 2010, studying and voting on that date on significant legislation.

And finally, it is amazing to criticize us for closing an office on the date when ordered to do so after the election, when Congressman Guinta never opened the Dover office at all, refusing to serve thousands of small businesses and constituents along the seacoast for vindictive political reasons.


     “A Frank Display of Congressional Mail” Roll Call, June 19, 2012. According to an analysis of House disbursement records, from April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, there were eight Republicans and two Democrats who made up the top 10 Members using the service — …Frank Guinta (R-N.H.) ….

     “Assessing Frank Guinta’s Finances”

    Congressman Guinta claims that he has been cleared by the House Ethics Committee: 2:01 FG: I know, I know it's tough to believe in this country that somebody can be prudent and moderately successful, but the Ethics Committee cleared it up, they said, they reviewed my FEC reports, they gave it a clean bill of health, this was back in December, this stuff is nothing more than, I think, politics at its worst whether it's a primary or general, I answered it I can't say how many times and I'll answer it again now. Best thing about this stuff is when Ethics Committee says you've complied with all aspects of the FEC reporting requirements, that was good enough for me, so, you know.

    Citizens for the Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)

    Pre-primary Filing:

“Bradley: Guinta should drop out.” “Most people wouldn’t forget about a bank account with a quarter million dollars in it — and if New Hampshire GOP congressional candidate Frank Guinta doesn’t have an explanation for doing just that, he should drop out of the race, former New Hampshire GOP Rep. Jeb Bradley told POLITICO.