Governor John Lynch Endorses Maggie Hassan for Governor

Lynch: "Maggie Hassan is the leader we need to keep New Hampshire moving forward"

CONCORD – Saying Maggie Hassan is the leader New Hampshire needs to move the state forward, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch today endorsed Maggie Hassan for Governor at a rally at the Concord City Auditorium.

"Maggie Hassan is the leader we need to keep New Hampshire moving forward ¬– creating jobs, ensuring our kids get the best education possible and keeping New Hampshire a business-friendly state with no sales or income tax,
" Governor Lynch said.

As Senate Majority Leader, Hassan worked closely with Governor Lynch to balance the state budget, without an income or a sales tax, by making the tough decisions necessary to cut state spending during the recession. As Governor, Hassan will veto an income or a sales tax and implement an innovative jobs plan that builds on the foundation set by Governor Lynch to help businesses grow and keep New Hampshire moving forward.

"I have known Maggie Hassan and worked closely with her.  And I can tell you this – she is a person of integrity, a person of compassion, a person with the smarts, common sense and New Hampshire values we need to lead our state forward," said Governor Lynch.  "She is someone who gets up every morning with the purpose of helping her community and her state, and building a better future, not just for her family, but for all our families."

Governor Lynch continued, "If we want to continue what we started eight years ago – bipartisan leadership that is making progress on the issues that matter most to our people – we need to elect Maggie Hassan as the next Governor of the State of New Hampshire!

“I am so proud to have Governor Lynch’s support in this campaign to keep New Hampshire moving forward,” said Hassan. “Governor Lynch is a role model, and I was glad to have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with him on so many issues. He has shown us all how to bring business smarts, compassion and common sense to the budgeting process. How to put partisanship aside to get results. And how to always put the people of New Hampshire first.  Those are examples I will take with me to the State House.”

“We can continue in the direction of Gov. John Lynch, bringing people together to move New Hampshire forward, or we can go in the direction of Speaker Bill O’Brien and the current legislature, where the needs of middle-class families take a backseat to an extreme social agenda,” Hassan added.

During her time in the State Senate, Hassan worked with Governor Lynch to keep the unemployment rate low, maintain one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, and cut the high school drop rate in half while making the hard choices to cut spending, balancing the budget and leaving a surplus.
  Hassan’s “Innovate NH” jobs plan will build New Hampshire’s workforce by freezing college tuition; provide tax credits to businesses; and give businesses technical assistance to help them grow and create jobs.

Maggie’s opponent Ovide Lamontagne has said he would be a “radically different” governor than Governor Lynch[i], with extreme positions like rejecting federal funds for local schools[ii] and ignoring rising tuition costs caused by cuts to higher education.[iii] He supports plans to dismantle Medicare[iv], criminalize abortion and limit insurance coverage for birth control[v], and defund Planned Parenthood, increasing the cost of critical health care services for New Hampshire women and families.[vi]