HotAir Daily Express 10/10/2012

Reuters: State never responded to two requests for more security in Benghazi
10/10/2012 10:01:16 AM  Ed Morrissey
Former State Department security officer Eric Nordstrom will testify today to the House Oversight Committee about the security failures that led to the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi and the assassination of our Ambassador to Libya, J.

WaPo wonders: Say, where’s Hillary these days?
10/10/2012 9:21:57 AM  Ed Morrissey
Good question.  After all, the State Department actually conducted the dog-and-pony show on behalf of the White House after the terrorist attack on our Benghazi consulate that left four Americans dead, including the first US Ambassador assassinated on

Independents ♥ Romney?
10/10/2012 8:41:25 AM  Ed Morrissey
Christian Heinze at The Hill picks up on a months-long polling trend that I’ve noted for quite a while, but which has mostly escaped the media.  Mitt Romney has consistently and clearly led among independent voters for quite a while, although

Obamateurism of the Day
10/10/2012 8:01:22 AM  Ed Morrissey
Because nothing says “I’m hipper than my opponent” than a cultural reference to … 1994 (via Ann Althouse): Again mocking Mitt Romney for his proposal to cut public television, Obama added some riffs about the fate of some Sesame

We’re Trusting You With This (Confidential)
Our lawmakers just cozied up to Wall Street again. But if you look beyond your absolute disdain for our elected (mis)representatives, the following report holds an incredible SILVER LINING for investors. It’s an ingenious "loophole." We just ask that you don’t forward the report. Gain access here.
Quotes of the day
10/9/2012 10:54:58 PM  Allahpundit
Having been routed in the first debate, President Obama has found a comeback strategy: Fly Big Bird. Specifically, mock Mitt Romney’s call to cut federal subsidies for the millionaires at the Sesame Workshop and pledge to defend the Public

Suffolk pollster: We’re not polling Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina anymore, because Romney’s going to win them
10/9/2012 10:17:34 PM  Allahpundit
Via Gateway Pundit, I’ll give you the RCP averages tonight and leave you to judge. They’ve got Romney by three points in NC (although the latest poll has him up nine), Romney by less than a point in FL, and Obama by less than half a point in

Pew study: One in five American adults now have no religious affiliation
10/9/2012 9:51:07 PM  Allahpundit
It’s a steep climb to respectability, but at the rate we’re going, I think America might be ready for an atheist president within, oh, another hundred years or so. Openly atheist president, I mean. You-know-who doesn’t count. In the

On eve of House hearings, State Department finally admits: No, there was never any protest outside the Benghazi consulate before the attack
10/9/2012 8:41:09 PM  Allahpundit
If you’ve been following the news about Benghazi, you’ll have two questions after watching this clip. One: Didn’t we already know this? Answer: Yes, “we” did, but not because our government was eager for us to find out.

Obligatory: A bad lip reading of the first presidential debate
10/9/2012 8:01:43 PM  Erika Johnsen
To cleanse the palate, as Allahpundit says — and actually, in my opinion, the BadLipReading folks provide an obviously ridiculous but weirdly apt summary of how thing went down. Even the dubbed-over-with-nonsense version of Mitt Romney sounds more

Report: Obama initially thought he won the debate
10/9/2012 7:21:00 PM  Allahpundit
I keep telling myself that this is unlikely, that even a guy with a galactic ego who surrounds himself with yes-men, cultists, and a very friendly media couldn’t possibly have thought he won that debate. At best, his inner monologue was Kevin Kline

Report: EPA having trouble keeping up with the hydraulic-fracturing boom
10/9/2012 6:41:33 PM  Erika Johnsen
Whatever would we do without the august, dispassionate wisdom of the Environmental Protection Agency keeping a watchful paternalistic eye on the many activities of us ignoble profit-seekers? …Prosper, probably. As it is, the EPA never tires of

The War on Bacon
10/9/2012 6:04:05 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Hello Everyone! Unfortunately “The War on Bacon” is delayed this evening because Mary Katharine is trapped on a bus – worry not lovers of bacon, this is merely a traffic issue and she’s fine. Her train was cancelled and for some

Hey, how come Jay Carney’s not holding televised press briefings anymore?
10/9/2012 5:39:37 PM  Allahpundit
Good catch by the Standard. Carney’s held gaggles with reporters recently, but gaggles are inferior for reasons Daniel Halper explains at the link. According to the White House website, there’s been no full-fledged “face the

Obama spokesman: We released that moronic Big Bird ad because of the “grassroots outcry”
10/9/2012 4:48:01 PM  Allahpundit
Deeply embarrassing, but not entirely the campaign’s fault. If memory serves, Romney’s Big Bird line was the thin reed to which liberals on Twitter were clinging the morning after the Denver debacle: “There’s been a strong

Romney up two among likely voters in Gallup, now leads in RCP poll of polls
10/9/2012 4:01:52 PM  Allahpundit
Yes, I realize you’ve seen one or both of these numbers elsewhere, but I don’t care. I want in on this bloggy Fun Bunch celebration too, damn it. Mitt Romney holds a slight edge over Barack Obama — 49% to 47% — in Gallup’s

Just a reminder: Obamanomics has flopped
10/9/2012 3:21:11 PM  Ed Morrissey
Often, I get asked, “Will you write a one-post explanation about why people should vote against Barack Obama?”  Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham, and I did that in 2008, and then Elizabeth Scalia and I teamed up for another aimed at our fellow

Good news: IMF lowering expectations for global economic growth
10/9/2012 2:41:18 PM  Erika Johnsen
The International Monetary Fund is yet again lowering everybody’s already-lowered expectations for global economic growth. But, pourquoi?, you may very well ask. That would be because nobody in the developed world at this moment seems fully capable

Tim Kaine won’t say if he’d support Harry Reid for Majority Leader
10/9/2012 2:01:05 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
The last time we joined former Governors Tim Kaine and George Allen on the debate stage in Virginia, Kaine was bumbling his way through an answer to a 47-percent question, saying he’d be open to a minimum federal income tax for everyone, at all

The Ed Morrissey Show: Andrew Malcolm
10/9/2012 1:46:21 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), my friend Andrew Malcolm joins us as always on today’s TEMS at 3 pm ET! The Prince of Twitter and I will discuss the latest polls, the Lara Logan attack on Obama’s performance against al-Qaeda and the

MSNBC: Why can’t Team Obama stop talking about the debate?
10/9/2012 1:21:44 PM  Ed Morrissey
Chuck Todd appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe earlier today to discuss Team Obama strategy — and perhaps staffing — in the wake of their debate debacle.  Six days later, not only is the Barack Obama campaign still talking about the debate,

CBS reporter blasts Obama claim that AQ “on its heels”
10/9/2012 12:41:28 PM  Ed Morrissey
As the RNC pointed out earlier today, we’ve had eight mentions of Big Bird and five of Elmo from Barack Obama and his team since the presidential debate last Wednesday, but we’ve heard nothing about Benghazi or Libya.  However, Obama did

Romney up 2 in new national poll from … Daily Kos?
10/9/2012 12:01:38 PM  Ed Morrissey
I have to give Markos Moulitsas credit for posting this result.  He could have taken the easy way out and had PPP release it independently.  And looking within the depths of this poll result, you have to know how much it pained him to follow through on

Romney takes lead in Rasmussen swing-state tracking poll, 49/46; Update: ARG puts Romney up 1 in Ohio – with a D+9 sample
10/9/2012 11:21:22 AM  Ed Morrissey
We’ll have plenty of poll data today, and most of it looks impressive for Mitt Romney — including one from a surprising source, which I’ll get to later today.  Rasmussen’s swing state poll might be the most crucial for looking at

ObamaCare transforming America into Part-Timer Nation?
10/9/2012 10:41:18 AM  Ed Morrissey
Under ObamaCare, companies of more than 50 workers who do not provide health-insurance coverage have to pay significant fines, although not nearly as costly as the insurance itself.  That alone might have employers bailing out of the health-insurance