Lamontagne Outlines Leadership Priorities in Hampton

Contrasts with Sen. Hassan's "tax, borrow, spend, and regulate" record

Hampton, NH – In front of a full house of Rotarians at the Old Salt Restaurant in Hampton, Ovide Lamontagne, candidate for Governor, today laid out his six leadership priorities that he will pursue if elected.

Lamontagne's priorities, based on his comprehensive Prosperity Agenda and ‘Ovide’s Oath’, are the six key areas he will focus on as Governor to improve our economy, put our families and neighbors back to work, and protect the New Hampshire Advantage.  Lamontagne's leadership priorities are: 

1.  Creating a competitive and attractive environment for businesses to thrive and create and jobs by working to implement his ‘ESE Plan’ to simplify and reform our business tax code.  Among other important changes, his ESE Plan will lower the Business Profits Tax, encourage growth through a Business Enterprise Tax holiday for new hires and increasing the reasonable compensation threshold for all LLCs;

2.  Keeping the size of government in check by enacting an honest, balanced budget that funds our priorities without raising taxes or fees so we're not asking residents to pay more out of their pocket for government;

3.  Improving the state’s regulatory environment to reduce red tape and encourage government to work as a partner and support system for our state’s businesses by implementing a 90 day moratorium on any new rules and regulations and insisting subsequently that any new rules or regulations be subjected to a rigorous economic impact analysis so that we can measure the effect regulations have on our small businesses and industries;

4.  Improving health care delivery system to lower costs and increase access by encouraging competition in the market and working with the federal government to craft the Medicaid system that will work best for those most in need in our state;

5.  Empowering teachers, parents and local administrators by passing a Constitutional Amendment on education funding that will allow the state to fairly allocate resources to the towns and school districts that need it most while also fighting for more choice in education at the primary and secondary level and working with our employers to align the needs to of our businesses with the curriculum at our post-secondary institutions;

6.  Reduce out of control energy costs by modernizing our energy plan and reducing costs by exploring all of our energy options, including nuclear and natural gas, and reviewing all existing State energy regulations for economic impact on businesses and consumers and seeking opportunities to streamline and create cost efficiencies.

"By focusing on these priorities, we will encourage a pro-growth economic agenda that will stimulate job creation, and empower the innovative, hardworking people of New Hampshire to improve our state and make a difference for our families, businesses and future generations," said Lamontagne.

Lamontagne spokesman Tom Cronin added, "In contrast, we can’t afford Senator Hassan, whose well known priorities are to tax, borrow, spend and regulate, which she did with disastrous results during her years as a Concord politician.  Senator Hassan voted for over 99 tax and fee increases as a part of a budget that increased state spending by 24% and left us with an $800 million dollar deficit.  She fought for a state takeover of our health care system, she opposed a common sense constitutional amendment on education funding that Governor Lynch supported, and she helped to implement - and has expressed pride in - a tax and regulate scheme like RGGI, that has been shown to cost jobs and increase energy prices.  Senator Hassan is a liberal who sees the world through government colored glasses.  Her priorities are wrong for New Hampshire and will hurt the New Hampshire Advantage."