Concord, NH – After staying silent through the entire democratic primary, Democratic Gov. John Lynch today endorsed Maggie Hassan for Governor, a move that came as no surprise to anyone in New Hampshire and one telegraphed by Lynch’s spokesman last month when he said what everyone is thinking today, “Of course the Governor's going to support the ticket.” [1] 

But looking at Sen. Hassan’s record helps to explain why Gov. Lynch was slow to endorse his party’s nominee.  It is safe to say, Maggie Hassan in no John Lynch.

While in the Senate,

  • Maggie Hassan voted against tort reform legislation to create screening panels for medical injury claims, a bill John Lynch sign into law (SB 214, 2005);
  • Maggie Hassan voted against a bill to increase the penalties for voter fraud, a bill John Lynch signed into law (HB 1222, 2006);
  • Maggie Hassan voted against legislation to improve the funding system for charter schools, a bill John Lynch signed into law (HB76, 2006) on an issue Ovide Lamontagne fought for while on the State Board of Education.

As Governor,

  • John Lynch vetoed a bill to study the taxation of electric vehicles, a bill supported by Sen. Hassan (HB 1220, 2008);
  • John Lynch vetoed a bill allowing new property owners to evict owners of foreclosed properties before the sale of the property was finalized, a bill supported by Sen. Hassan (HB 1333, 2008); 
  • John Lynch vetoed two bills that would have diluted the right to know law, particularly with regard to union negotiations, bills supported by Sen. Hassan (HB 53 and HB 379, 2010).
  • John Lynch supported a constitutional amendment to address the ongoing education funding issue, Maggie Hassan does not;
  • John Lynch opposed an increase in the gas tax, Maggie Hassan is open to one; [3]
  • John Lynch opposed simply expanding Medicaid as a means of covering the uninsured in our state, Maggie Hassan does not. [4]

“Of course” Democratic Gov. John Lynch was going to endorse his party’s nominee, but a look at Sen. Hassan’s record certainly calls into question if that endorsement is more than party-label deep.

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