NHDP - O'Brien, Lamontagne Can't Re-Write Their History

GOP candidate has repeatedly called a state takeover of Medicare a top
priority, but now he is trying to run from his own radical plan



CONCORD - Bill O'Brien and Ovide Lamontagne can't hide from their history or their radical plans to have the state legislature take over and run Medicare, the federal health insurance program for seniors, said Terie Norelli, House Democratic Leader.

Today Speaker Bill O'Brien tried to deny his Medicare plans, despite a bill that passed the House last year, calling on the federal government to let the state run Medicare for seniors.

Ovide Lamontagne has attempted to deny his extreme plans for Medicare in several recent debates, but on a radio interview today, the truth slipped out: "I want more control at the New Hampshire level in terms of managing Medicare funds."

"Ovide Lamontagne and Bill O'Brien must be exhausted this week," said Norelli,  "because all they have done is run from his radical and extreme plans for a state takeover of Medicare."

Ovide has been a longtime supporter of plans that would block grant federal Medicare money to the state, allowing the state legislature to run the critical health program.  In February of this year, he wrote an Op-Ed piece in the Union Leader, and posted it on his website, calling a state takeover of Medicare one of his top priorities.

But, as the Nashua Telegraph reported this week, now Ovide is trying to hide his support for this extreme plan that could cut services and raise health care costs on thousands of New Hampshire seniors.

"Try as he might, Ovide Lamontagne can't re-write his support for the the extreme plan to have the state legislature to run Medicare.  This legislature - which Ovide has praised and promised to work with - has already slashed funding for health care dramatically," said Norelli. 


"But instead of telling voters the truth, he is ducking and dodging his plan hoping that voters won't notice."

Lamontagne has also long been a supporter of the Ryan Budget Plan, which would turn Medicare into a voucher system. He previously said, "Paul Ryan has got a great plan...I want to work with Paul Ryan."  But when questioned about his support last week, Ovide tried to run and hide claiming "that's not what I support."

Last month, Ovide denied twice in 24 hours that he had any knowledge of signing the radical Cornerstone "Families First Pledge" which calls for dismantling New Hampshire's insurance industry regulation and includes 10 agenda items aimed at restricting women's access to abortion.

"It seems that every day Ovide is trying to re-write more and more of his own history and run from his extreme record," Norelli said. "Voters in New Hampshire deserve a governor whose promises don't change depending on the time of day and the audience."