YRNF - 147,000+ Voter Contacts and Counting: YRNF launches largest Deployment to Ohio

                            CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE

The Young Republican National Federation is making change happen across the country with 147,000+ voter contacts made and many more planned. We have so many reasons, like our families and careers, to stand and fight and YRs across the country are answering the call.

This weekend, the YRNF is going to stage the largest deployment in YRNF history. YRs from Illinois, Indiana, DC, Kentucky, New Jersey, and West Virginia will deploy into Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati to join the Ohio Young Republicans on the ground. The YRNF is pleased to partner with the Ohio Republican Party in this venture.

As a native Ohioan, I am please that the YRNF will have an impact in the ever important Buckeye State. Ohio is critical this November, and the YRs will hit the ground running to ensure victory for Governor Romney, Senate Candidate and Cleveland YR Josh Mandel and the GOP Team.

Ohio Young Republican Chairman Brian Wollet notes, "The road to the White House runs right through Ohio. We recognize that, and the size of our deployment reflects that too. This weekend we will have a tremendous amount of grass roots volunteer activity contacting voters."

Last weekend we deployed to Massachusetts and Maryland and the weekend before that we went to New York. Look at the pictures and read the stories from the campaign trail below.


Lisa Stickan
Young Republican National Federation 



YRs on the ground in Massachusetts

It truly touches my heart to see Young Republicans willingly volunteer to spend their three day weekend on the ground knocking doors and making calls for Senator Brown.

Hitting 5,000 doors and making 14,000 phone calls only begins to tell the story of the determination to stand up and fight for jobs, a strong economy, and real leadership.  Senator Brown's reelection campaign is one of the most closely watched races in the country and control of the Senate could come down to Massachusetts.  

I am very appreciative of all the volunteers from Massachusetts, Washington DC, and Virginia for their
truly invaluable efforts to help re-elect U.S. Senator Scott Brown this November.

Katie Regan, Chairman
Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans


Special thanks to Steven Jackson(YRNF Campaign Chairman) and Jack Dusik (YRNF Secretary)

Texas YRs make 1,900 voter contacts 

This past weekend 22 Young Republicans from across Texas came together to campaign for Congressman Quico Canseco, in one of the top 5 congressional races to watch in the country. With liberal interest groups pouring in money and manufacturing false claims against the congressman, Texas YR's deployed to knock on doors.

After a long day of work, the Young Republicans had knocked on 1,181 doors and made 750 phone calls.  Later that evening, Congressman Canseco joined the Texas YR's at a social event on the River Walk and thanked the YR's for their help and support.

This campaign deployment comes on top of important campaign volunteer work the Texas Young Republicans have been doing around the state - including block walks for State Representatives Sarah Davis, Kenneth Sheets, and David Pineda.



Young Republicans Make Over 6,200 Voter Contacts              in Maryland


Young Republicans in Maryland made over 6,200 voter contacts in Baltimore and Montgomery Counties this weekend.

The Maryland Young Republicans in conjunction with the D.C. Young Republicans knocked on doors and made phone calls in support of our Statewide Republican and Congressional Candidates in the 2nd and 6th Congressional Districts.

"We are very grateful that the D.C. Young Republicans came to Maryland and helped us fight for our state," Maryland Young Republicans Chairman Brian Griffiths said. "While so many of our fellow Republicans were campaigning in other states, they recognized the importance of being competitive and winning here in Maryland. The Maryland Young Republicans are proud to be fighting here in our home state, and we are thankful to have had the assistance of our friends from D.C."

The Maryland Young Republicans are the leading organization of Republican youth in the Old Line State. We are Maryland's officially chartered affiliate of the Young Republican National Federation. But we are so much more than that. Our clubs consist of active members of our communities. They are members of local central committees, active in community leadership, and running campaigns for office across Maryland.