AFPNH - Your share of the National Debt is now $51,874

Please join us for our "Canvassing for Prosperity" project beginning TOMORROW. This door-to-door effort will take place October 11-15.


The 5 volunteers that contact the most voters during this time will receive 2 Luxury Suite tickets for the 2012 Home Opening game of the Manchester Monarchs on Friday, October 19th, 2012.


We will be meeting at 530 Chestnut Street in Manchester to distribute walkbooks at the following times this weekend-


Thursday- 3 p.m.

Friday- 3 p.m.

Saturday- 9:30 a.m.

Sunday- 9:30 a.m.


We will also be phonebanking at the same location next Monday from 5-9.


If you can’t make it to our Manchester office, email Matt Ciepielowski or call him at 504-228-2272 and he can give you everything you’ll need to call from home.


Secondly, as you may have read, the national debt recently exceeded $16,000,000,000,000. Each individual’s share of the debt is now $51,874 and each family of four owes more than $207,000 on the debt. In January 2009 when President Obama took office the amount each individual owed was $34,420. This means that in less than four years, the individual amount owed has increased by $17,454. Our country cannot sustain this burden. You can read more in my op-ed on this topic HERE.


Finally, AFP-NH has recently been featured in several media publications. Please use the links below to catch up on any stories you may have missed.


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Thank you for all you do to advance economic prosperity and freedom in our state.




Corey R. Lewandowski

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


P.S. If you can’t volunteer, but would like to donate to our efforts, please CLICK HERE.