Bass For Congress - Help Fight Super PAC Money!

Dear Friend, 


Earlier today, one of our supporters made a contribution to the campaign in the amount of $50. The attached note said, "I'm donating because I want to help fight off the SUPER PACS attacking you." I appreciate every financial commitment that is made to our campaign, but this supporter's note sums up the fact that not only are we facing Annie Kuster in this campaign, but we are also fighting millions of dollars from outside liberal special interest groups looking to buy a seat for another vote for Nancy Pelosi.  Just this week, John Soros, the son of liberal Millionaire George Soros, announced that his Super PAC will spend $200,000 on mail to spread negative attacks on us. This is why our campaign needs your help. 

From now through November 6, you can make sure that our team has the resources to win this election by contributing to the campaign today- and by clicking on one of the options below, here is what your dollars will guarantee

$20 for a Bass 2X4 Sign


Every penny that we raise will be utilized to support the best grassroots campaign in the state.  Your financial assistance will also ensure that our message of lowering the debt, cutting federal spending, and using common-sense approaches to solve this nations problems will be heard loud and clear across the district. Please visit and  contribute $20 or more to help the campaign today.


Thanks again for your support and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail over the next 27 days!



PS- If you have already contributed, and you still are looking for a way to help, please sign up to volunteer for door to door or to make phone calls in your area!  We also need locations for yard signs, and can deliver a sign to you with 48 hours. Please click here to volunteer.