Cornerstone: Cast an absentee ballot

Cast an absentee ballot if you can’t vote in person


If you do nothing else today, please check your schedule to make sure you can vote on Nov. 6 for Cornerstone’s Families First Pledge signer candidates. If you discover you can’t make it to the polls, please plan ahead so you can cast an absentee ballot for state candidates who will support New Hampshire families.

Apply for an absentee ballot right now!

New Hampshire law (RSA 657:4) allows currently registered voters who cannot be at the polls on Election Day to use an absentee ballot. You may be able to vote absentee for the following reasons:

  • A planned absence from your community on Election Day,
  • The observance of a religious obligation that prevents you from traveling to the polls,
  • A disability that prevents you from going to the polls, or
  • Employment requiring you to be at work or travel to or from work during polling hours.

If you qualify to vote absentee, you must fill out the absentee ballot request form and return it to your town or city clerk’s office to receive a ballot. You may do this by downloading an absentee ballot request form, which you then must mail, fax or hand deliver to your local town or city clerk’s office. You may also pick up and file an absentee ballot request form at your local clerk’s office. Some campaign offices also have the applications, but the completed forms must be delivered to your local clerk’s office.

New Hampshire law does not have a specific deadline for filling out an absentee ballot request form; however, you must fill out the form with enough time to receive your absentee ballot and then return it to your local clerk's office before 5 p.m. on Election Day. If you are doing everything by mail, give yourself at least a week prior to Nov. 6 to receive and return your ballot. The ballots themselves will be sent prior to Election Day directly to the address you fill out on the form. If you are going to drop off your request form in person, you may do this up until the day before the election. According to the Secretary of State's office, the clerk would then hand you a ballot at that time for you to fill out and immediately return. All ballots, including absentee ballots, must be cast on Election Day.

If you need more information about how to receive and use an absentee ballot, please consult state law, contact your local clerk’s office, consult the Secretary of State’s Web page or just download a form. There is no excuse to stay home from the polls on Election Day, particularly when so much is at stake for New Hampshire families. Please vote on Election Day or apply for an absentee ballot right now so your vote is counted.