StandingUpForNHFamilies - ICYMI: Freedom and Family Values

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families (SUFNHF) is a bipartisan group of citizens, business owners, people of faith, and civic leaders who oppose repealing the popular 2009 law allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. Lew Feldstein, former president and chief executive officer of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and Craig Stowell, a veteran Marine who served in Iraq, volunteer as co-chairs of SUFNHF.

Today, SUFNHF co-chairs Lew Feldstein and Craig Stowell announced a new fall 2012 project: “Freedom and Family Values

Feldstein and Stowell said, “The freedom to marry in New Hampshire is under assault by a few desperate lawmakers. But we’re still standing strong to protect all families.”

“We are not alone. We have searched the state to find leaders from both political parties who embody the values and principles of strong families, constitutional freedoms, and equality for all.”

“We are proud to bring to your attention seven outstanding New Hampshire citizens who are champions of freedom and family values: Maggie Hassan, Jeff Woodburn, Nancy Stiles, Lee Nyquist, Donna Soucy, John Reagan, and Peg Gilmour.”

“This is not an exhaustive list. Thousands have stood up to protect freedom and family values in our state. These individuals – Republicans and Democrats – have each publicly demonstrated their commitment to supporting equal rights for same-sex couples.”

“Unfortunately, we also determined there is one individual, Ovide Lamontagne, who presents a tangible threat to individual freedom in our state, specifically the freedom to marry.  Mr. Lamontagne has displayed an astounding lack of respect for the gay and lesbian population and, if given the chance, has pledged to ‘aggressively’ take away rights from law-abiding, tax-paying Granite Staters. If that weren’t enough, Mr. Lamontagne also supports writing discrimination into our founding documents by proposing anti-marriage equality amendments to the state and federal constitutions. In recent weeks, Mr. Lamontagne has shamelessly attempted to conceal and obscure his efforts to repeal the freedom to marry, but we are here to hold him accountable by exposing his record.”

“Maggie Hassan is a steadfast supporter of the freedom to marry and she stands up courageously for all New Hampshire families. She proudly believes that every New Hampshire citizen deserves equal treatment under the law.”

“In the coming weeks, we will continue to educate the public and highlight more individuals who are working to protect freedom and family values. Even as some individuals, like Mr. Lamontagne, may try to hide their unpopular views, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families will be here to ensure that all citizens are fully informed.”


Nancy Stiles, Hampton


Lee Nyquist, New Boston


John Reagan, Deerfield


Peggy Gilmour, Hollis


Donna Soucy, Manchester


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