4RG - New Hampshire Doesn’t Need Maggie’s Expensive Government Panel to Predict Revenue

Accurate Republican Revenue Estimates Highlight Wastefulness of Maggie’s Revenue Panel Idea

CONCORD, N.H.—Now that we know for sure that the Republican Legislature’s revenue estimates were dead-on accurate, Maggie Hassan’s call for a Consensus Revenue Estimating Panel can be seen for what it is; namely, an expensive government solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist, according to 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway. 

For the first fiscal year (FY 2012) of the Republican budget led by Speaker William O’Brien that passed in 2011, actual revenues came in at $2,189,800,000, which is only $600,000 (0.0003 percent) greater than the estimate that Republican lawmakers calculated two years ago. (Annual Revenue Reports. Annual Financial Reports.)

On the contrary, when comparing the first year of the Democrats’ budget under the leadership of Maggie Hassan and Terri Norelli, actual revenues for that first fiscal year were $2,194,700,000, which was $116 million (5 percent) less than the revenues projected by Democrats in their budget.

What makes Democrats’ 5 percent revenue projection disparity even more offensive is that Maggie Hassan and Terri Norelli had to call legislators back for a special session to raise taxes, and only then did they realize their actual revenue numbers. And even with these tax increases, Democrats still missed the mark by 5 percent, Hemingway said.

“With such estimating skills, it’s no wonder Maggie Hassan called for a Consensus Revenue Estimating Panel last month to do the job that she and her Democratic colleagues clearly can not do,” Hemingway said.

“New Hampshire doesn’t need more expensive government officials and so-called experts appointed by Maggie Hassan sitting around arguing about what the projected revenue might be so that legislators can craft an accurate budget,” Hemingway added. “What we need is to reelect the Republicans who know how to sit down and accurately project revenues and Ovide Lamontagne as governor supporting their efforts.”

When Maggie Hassan was Senate President, she sponsored SB 505 in 2010, a bill that created a panel of three health “czars” to fix health care rates and attempt to control health care costs. With health care costs going up each year in New Hampshire since Maggie’s bill became law, it’s clear that government bureaucrats simply do not know how to control costs, and we shouldn’t expect them to be able to estimate revenues, either, Hemingway said.

“Every time we turn around, Maggie is proposing a new panel of government “experts” to attempt to control costs, but history has shown that all Maggie’s panels do is increase the cost of government, which necessarily leads to tax increases,” Hemingway said. “If voters want a responsible and affordable government that gets the job done, they’ll reelect Republicans and a Republican governor who will continue to show what real leadership and hard work is all about.”


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