ALG's Daily Grind - Could European bailouts cost Democrats the Senate?

Oct. 11, 2012

Could European bailouts cost Democrats the Senate?

U.S. taxpayers are forced to spend billions to save Europe. But will there now be political fallout in November?

Video: Our Preview Of The Lies You Will Hear At The VP Debate

Obama/Biden have a number of whoppers in store for the debates to come. Here now is a look at what Representative Ryan will hear in his sparring session with Vice President Biden.

Green energy out of gas?

What have the American people gotten from Obama's $90 billion "investment" in green energy?

A fraudulent narrative

How will taxing the rich balance the budget when Obama's tax increases will generate only $68 billion a year? With $1.2 trillion deficits each of the last three years, this additional revenue will reduce the deficit by just 6 percent.