Political Headlines - October 11, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:


  • Debate clarifies core arguments of Brown and Warren: The incumbent highlighted his qualifications as a middle class guardian, while Warren pointed to his votes in Washington that contradicted this point. politics editor Glen Johnson outlines.   



  • For AFL-CIO, a makeup test: This US Senate election will show if the AFL-CIO has its electoral oomph back. The union is making a mammoth effort on behalf of Elizabeth Warren. Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham reports.    


  • A national race writ small: Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren had opportunities to talk about local issues, but for the most part their debate featured a heavy emphasis on national themes. Globe columnist Dante Ramos writes. 


  • Warren tries to have it both ways: Elizabeth Warren said she supports defense cuts but also said she would protect Massachusetts bases from closure or budget reductions. Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby elaborates. 


  •  Is he pro-life, pro-choice, or just pro-Mitt?: When it comes to abortion, Mitt Romney has been walking around in circles since he first ran for office in Massachusetts against Ted Kennedy. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi outlines.