Lamontagne Campaign Unveils “Maggie's Myths” Website

Calls on Hassan to stop the false attacks and tell voters the truth
Manchester, NH - The Ovide for Governor campaign today unveiled a new section of their website entitled “Maggie’s Myths”, which outlines 20 (and counting) myths, distortions, or falsehoods that Sen. Hassan has peddled in the media and at various debates throughout the general election.
"Sen. Hassan has show she will go to great lengths to flee from, dance around, and obscure her abysmal record as a liberal, tax and spend Concord insider who voted to increase nearly 100 taxes and fees, increased state spending by 24%, and left us with an $800 million dollar deficit," said Lamontagne spokesman Tom Cronin. 
“The voters expect more from the men and women asking for their vote, but Sen. Hassan knows that telling the truth about her time in Concord would severely diminish the chances of the voters sending her back. This webpage is one of a number of steps we're taking to making sure the voters don't forget why they kicked Sen. Hassan out of office just two short years ago.”
The campaign has also set up an e-mail address - - and is encouraging voters who hear one of Sen. Hassan’s bogus claims to e-mail the campaign to get the real story.
“As Maggie Myths pile up, voters can count on this new webpage to provide the facts about Ovide’s common sense record as an accomplished business attorney and highly regarded community leader and Senator Hassan’s extreme record as a tax, spend, borrow and regulate liberal,” continued Cronin.
You can visit the Maggie's Myths page here: