Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Tax of the Day: #31

Manchester, NH - Our focus on Sen. Hassan’s fee increases effecting New Hampshire boaters continues.  Sen. Hassan’s vote to raise agent fees for boat registrations is “Maggie’s Tax of the Day” for October 11, 2012.  
One thing we’ve learned about Sen. Hassan’s tax increases is that she doesn’t understand how they are passed through to consumers in New Hampshire.  From hospital bed fees, to motor vehicle agent fees, which we’ve already covered, Hassan clearly believes that increasing fees on suppliers up the chain won’t impact those who purchase the service.  Now she’s done it again, voting to raise agent fees for boat registrations by 233%, a cost that will be passed on directly to New Hampshire’s boaters.
Background: As a State Senator:
Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED increasing boat registration agent fees.  Hassan voted YEA on adopting the Committee of Conference Report (2333CofC) for the bill.  6/24/2009. Vote #104, HB2.