NHDP - Ovide Lamontagne-Bob McDonnell Share Extreme Agenda on Women's Health Care

VA Governor McDonnell signed the controversial "ultrasound bill," forcing women receive procedure, regardless of medical necessity


CONCORD - Although he continues to try to claim that women's health care is not a "topical issue" in the Governor's race, Ovide Lamontagne earlier this week confirmed that he will sign legislation banning abortions and today campaigns with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who signed legislation subjecting women to unnecessary ultrasounds. 


"Ovide Lamontagne has built his political career on an extreme agenda that includes making abortion a crime. We can't trust him when he now claims it is not part of his agenda.  It may not be on Ovide Lamontagne's website - but Ovide Lamontagne has made clear that he will sign laws that would abortion access, even for victims of rape and incest," said Kathy Sullivan, former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


Sullivan pointed out that this week, Mitt Romney claimed taking away abortion rights was not part of his agenda - and that quickly backtracked. Bob McDonnell was one of the people the Romney campaign sent out to promise that Romney will sign and push legislation to limit abortion rights and to de-fund Planned Parenthood.


Like Romney, Lamontagne has been trying to say that women's health care issues were not on his agenda, but he too quickly contradicts himself.


In fact, on a radio interview this week, after claiming that women's health issues were "not why he is running", he clearly promised to sign legislation that would limit access to abortion saying "if there is legislation that is passed, I am pro-life - I will support everything I can that makes sense to me." [Audio]


As Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell signed the controversial 'Ultrasound" Bill HB 462 into law, which forces women to undergo an unnecessary ultrasound - and doctors to give an unnecessary lecture - prior to an abortion.


Ovide has repeatedly tried to distance himself from his radical positions and has ducked questions about these important issues on the campaign rail claiming that "they are not topical issues." 


"The truth is that Ovide has been a vocal, long time supporter of radical legislation that would stop women from making their own health care decisions," said Kathy Sgambati, a former state senator and Health and Human Services executive. "When Ovide Lamontagne says he will sign anti-choice laws that 'make sense' to him, we can only assume that he will sign virtually all of them."


Other radical positions that have "made sense" to Lamontagne include a constitutional amendment that would make all abortions a crime, even in the case of women and girls who have been the victims of the crimes of rape and incest, and even outlaw some forms of birth control and fertility treatments. 


He has also committed to fully defunding Planned Parenthood, ending access to cancer screenings and affordable birth control for thousands of New Hampshire women. Lamontagne has also pledged to support Cornerstone's radical agenda, which includes 10 items aimed at restricting access to abortion.


By comparison, Maggie Hassan supports women's right to make their own healthcare choices and believes women and their partners should control decisions about birth control and pregnancy. She promises to maintain requirements for health insurance companies to cover birth control and plans to restore state funding to Planned Parenthood.


"With 26 days until the election, that is plenty of time for Ovide to try and re-write even more of his own history and run from his extreme record," said State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald.


"Voters in New Hampshire deserve a governor whose promises don't change depending on the time of day and the audience," Rosenwald said.