Political Headlines - October 15, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • A divide of donors in Senate contest: The contrast of top backers is sharp, reflecting donors' view of Senator Brown as an advocate for investment firms and Elizabeth Warren as a former cop on the Wall Street beat. Globe business reporter Beth Healy explains.


  • Assisted death plan brings tug of feelings: Although the "Death with Dignity" ballot question has generated relatively little fanfare, the decision Mass. voters will confront has far-reaching repercussions. Globe health reporter Carolyn Y. Johnson writes.


  •  GOP faith unshaken in supply-side tax policiesThe basic ingredients of Mitt Romney's plan to slash tax rates are steeped in doctrine that has inspired conservatives for decades. Globe Washington bureau chief Christopher Rowland reports.


  • Eliminate the Boston City Council districts: Given the changes in the electorate, an open system would produce a more diverse City Council, but that move requires some nerve on the part of the councilors. Globe columnist Adrian Walker reports.