Hassan For Governor - PolitiFact NH confirms that general fund spending decreased under Maggie Hassan's leadership

FYI, PolitiFact NH confirms that, contrary to what Ovide Lamontagne wants people to believe, spending of state-based revenue decreased under Maggie Hassan's leadership. Maggie Hassan is the only candidate in this race that has actually balanced the state budget.  Hassan worked closely with Governor Lynch to make the tough, fiscally responsible decisions to balance the budget without a sales or income tax, which she would veto as Governor.


Key information:

"These numbers reveal spending from state revenue sources actually went down slightly during Hassan’s time in office."

"the depth of the recession required Governor John Lynch and Democrats controlling the Legislature to make deep spending cuts."

"In the fall of 2009 and spring of 2010, Lynch and Democratic legislative leaders adopted two rounds of spending cuts totaling more than $233 million."

"looking at the money state budget writers have the most control over -- funds spent from state taxes and fees -- spending actually went down a hair, since the Democrats twice reopened the budget to make cuts."