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As part of their gubernatorial campaigns, Democrat Maggie Hassan and Republican Ovide Lamontagne have traded charges over their approaches to fiscal policy and over the recent history of the state budget. Hassan claims to have balanced the budget and cut spending as Democrat Majority Leader while Lamontagne claims she created a deficit, raised taxes, and increased spending.

The budget passed in June, 2009 for fiscal years 2010 and 2011 paradoxically was both balanced and created a deficit but it did not reduce spending even a little bit. Click here to keep reading.


WGIR Podcast

State Agencies Looking for 19% Spending Increase

Grant Bosse joins Paul Westcott to discuss this month’s budget requests from New Hampshire agencies, asking for a 19% spending increase. Click here to keep reading


Agencies Seek 19% Budget Increase

Christmas in October?

State agencies are hoping for a 19% increase in next year’s budget, according to the Agency Budget Submissions sent to the Governor’s Office this month. Click here to keep reading.

Three Takeaways from the Sept Jobs Report

Surprising Drop to 7.8%

Last week the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released the September Jobs Report, which saw the unemployment rate drop to 7.8%. Like all of our previous Monthly Jobs Report analyses, we take a closer look at the data beyond the unemployment rate.

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