Shea-Porter For Congress - Congressmen Guinta and Ryan Caught Asking for Stimulus Money To Create Jobs

Manchester, NH – In this week’s nationally televised debate, Vice President Joe Biden reminded Congressman Paul Ryan about Ryan's requests for Recovery Act (known as the Stimulus) funding, and in this week's WBIN debate in New Hampshire, Frank Guinta had to face the same truth--he asked for Stimulus money to create jobs.

Congressman Guinta has misled voters by denying the Stimulus worked, and has also tried to hide the fact that he requested money and praised the Stimulus as a job creator.

During this week’s WBIN debate with Carol Shea-Porter, Congressman Guinta tried to again deceive people about his past enthusiasm for Stimulus money. Congressman Guinta had attended an event for the Manchester Access Road, which received $15 million in Stimulus money, and he had said at the event that the Stimulus-funded project was “going to help us with our tourism, our economy, and it’s going to provide us greater flexibility for our residents, our business commuters, and those visiting our state.” But at this week's debate, Congressman Guinta claimed that he only went to the event to support his “good friend Ray Wieczorek,” who the airport access road is named for.

“Senator Kelly Ayotte was right when she described Frank Guinta as a grandstander on the Stimulus, and he should now tell voters the truth,” said Carol Shea-Porter.  “The Stimulus made valuable investments in the District and created jobs in our state. That's why then-Mayor Guinta demanded Stimulus money and that is why he praised it at the airport. He should admit it was a job creator and he should also admit that the Democrats' Stimulus plan kept the country from a depression."