NHDP - Rubio, the "First Senator from the Tea Party," Shares Ovide's Extreme Agenda

Rubio shares Ovide's obsession with dismantling Medicare, saying that it has "weakened" Americans


CONCORD - As Ovide Lamontagne welcomes "the first Senator from the Tea Party" to New Hampshire today, perhaps they will be honest with the people about their plans to dismantle Medicare for seniors.


Sen. Marco Rubio will be campaigning today for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne. Lamontagne, who has proposed that the state pull out of Medicare and run its own version, will share the stage with Rubio, who claims that programs like Medicare and Social Security have "weakened us as a people."


"Mitt Romney has written off half of the country who he says refuse to take responsibility for themselves, so it isn't a surprise that Ovide Lamontagne and Senator Rubio write off those who depend on programs like Social Security and Medicare," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Senator Rubio says these programs have 'weakened us as a people.' Does Ovide Lamontagne believe, as his guest does, that seniors who rely on Medicare are weak? Is that why Ovide Lamontagne wants the state to pull out of Medicare?"


Lamontagne has campaigned on a platform that includes opting out of the federal Medicare program in favor of block grants, a plan that could put the New Hampshire legislature in charge of our seniors' health care.  This is a plan that the New Hampshire Committee on Aging called "potentially destructive."


"Senator Rubio, the 'First Senator from the Team Party,' should be happy to meet with one of his most passionate constituents: Ovide Lamontagne, who calls himself "the Tea Party favorite," said Buckley.  


"Ovide can fly all of the GOP insiders he wants into New Hampshire, but it will not make Granite State voters forget that he has called a state takeover of Medicare one of his top priorities and thinks that Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare as we know it is 'a great plan.'"


While Ovide continues to attract party insiders to New Hampshire from places like New Jersey, Wisconsin and Florida, Maggie Hassan has received the endorsement of both the Manchester and Concord Patrolman's associations, the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, and Governor John Lynch.