NHYR - Liberal Extremist Chris Pappas wants to get rid of our beloved state motto “Live Free or Die”

Concord, NH – Today the New Hampshire Young Republicans Chairman David Hurst issued a statement in regards to Democrat Executive Councilor Candidate Chris Pappas’ proposal to change New Hampshire’s motto. In an opinion piece in the Hippo Press, Chris Pappas advocated for the changing of New Hampshire’s beloved motto “Live Free or Die.” In the piece, he proclaimed, "We should let our politically charged mantra slip into the night like the Old Man and pick a new mantra." Chairman Hurst commented, “How out of touch and arrogant does a man like Chris have to be, to think that he can move back to New Hampshire from Massachusetts and change our motto.” He continued, “Chris’s attitude and comments exhibit a disdain for New Hampshire’s traditions and reveal a lack of respect for Revolutionary War hero Gen. John Stark."
"Chris Pappas has been heralded as the 'future of the Democrat Party in NH,' and a standard bearer of the Democrat party. If this is true, then the NH Democrat party starting with Chairman Buckley, and all state candidates need to clarify their position on this proposal by their standard bearer." Chairman Hurst said, “The New Hampshire Young Republicans are passionate defenders of New Hampshire’s values and heritage, and we will not stand for such insulting, disrespectful rhetoric from candidates for state office. I call on candidate Pappas to immediately take back his statements and apologize to the people of New Hampshire.” He added, “This is not about politics, this is about the New Hampshire way of life, something Chris seems to know nothing about.”
The New Hampshire Young Republicans are a proud coalition of men and women aimed at preserving Republican values in local, state and federal government. We are comprised of a broad network of students, young professionals, activists and elected officials from every corner of the Granite State. The mission of the New Hampshire Young Republican is to encourage young people, ages 18 to 40, to become more involved in Republican politics in the Granite State.