ALG's Daily Grind - Romney wins debate, proves himself presidential

Oct. 17, 2012

Romney wins debate, proves himself presidential

CNN's Crowley the biggest loser.

Second Presidential Debate Wrap-Up

It was a pier six brawl in New York as the president and his challenger bickered over the issues. Meanwhile, the moderator showed her true colors.

North Dakota to build first U.S. oil refinery in 30 years

Given the timing of Dept. of Interior announcement, weeks before the presidential election, it begs the question was the decision to approve the refinery politically motivated on the part of Team Obama or just mere coincidence? 

Reinhart and Rogoff: Sorry, U.S. Recoveries Really Aren't Different

"The most recent U.S. crisis appears to fit the more general pattern of a recovery from severe financial crisis that is more protracted than with a normal recession or milder forms of financial distress."