Bass for Congress FEC Filing

It has come to our attention that the latest Bass Victory Committee FEC filing, which was submitted last evening around 11:35 pm, has not been posted on

Here are the broad numbers.

$385k raised, $482k spent, $752k Cash on Hand.

Please be aware that this filing is not the 3rd Quarter filing – which would begin 7/1.     This filing covers 8/22 – 9/30.   

Other candidates’ press releases report numbers going back to 7/1 – which is playing games on reporters and making their totals look even bigger.   But the numbers from 7/1 – 8/22 were already reported in the campaigns’ pre-primary reports.

So – if you plan on making comparisons to any other campaign – please ensure that you are comparing apples to apples – 8/22 – 9/30.

Here’s a statement from our campaign on our totals:

"The support for Charlie Bass and his record of seeking bipartisan solutions in Congress has been tremendous.   Our campaign has raised more funds than ever before, because people are tired of partisan gridlock in Washington, and they know that if we elect Charlie Bass he will continue to work on bringing leaders together to find common ground and bipartisan solutions to our nation's biggest problems, just as he did in supporting the bipartisan budget based on the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission."