Political Headlines - October 17, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Romney and a revived Obama spar in 2d debate: President Obama and Mitt Romney turned a Town Hall conversation into a combative duel, delivering punches and counterpunches on the economy, foreign policy, and social issues. Globe reporters Brian MacQuarrie and Matt Viser recap.


  • Audience questions underscore nation's wounds: The self-styled "town hall" debate is likely to be remembered for the pain expressed by so many of the questioners, testimony to the fallout of the Great Recession. Globe Washington bureau deputy chief Michael Kranish reports.


  • Failure of A123 Systems becomes part of frayThe bankruptcy filing of A123 Systems thrusts the Waltham company into the middle of the presidential debate over energy and economic policies. Globe business reporter Erin Ailworth details.


  • President Obama upped his game: The president showed some passion and did what he needed to do in his second debate with Mitt Romney. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh outlines.


  • Obama's answers pull double-dutyFor almost every question, President Obama had two answers: one about his policies and one attacking Mitt Romney's record or ideas. politics editor Glen Johnson explains.


  • A spirited night for both Romney and Obama: After 90 minutes of animated, not to say aggressive, policy discussion, few voters watching last night would confuse Mitt Romney and President Obama. Globe columnist Renee Loth writes.


  • No shame for Rep. John TierneyTierney is engaged in a somewhat novel political strategy, his public declaration that, by having no knowledge of the illegal gambling venture of his brothers-in-law, he's not all that sharp. Globe columnist Brian McGrory reports.