CEI Today: Green regulator fail, FCC & warrantless snooping, and a missing regulatory report


Openmarket.org: Liberal Lawmakers To Rethink California “Green Chemistry”


California’s Green Chemistry regulations have proven so unruly even the state’s liberal lawmakers have begun to question the cost. The state legislature passed the law in 2008, but the state bureaucracy has repeatedly failed to develop workable implementation regulations. The problem isn’t the regulations — its the underlying law.

The regulations would list about 1,200 chemicals on “concern lists” based largely on political and unscientific grounds. Next it would identify products that use those chemicals and put them on lists too, pushing industry to redesign these products. The result will be higher prices for consumers, less innovation and potentially inferior and perhaps even more dangerous replacement products.  > Read the analysis at Openmarket.org


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FCC Broadband Test May Enable Warrantless Snooping, Coalition Warns


Consumers who test their broadband connections on a government website may be turning over information that could allow law enforcement agencies to review their Internet activity without due process or judicial scrutiny.

CEI joined with several other public interest groups in a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski expressing strong concerns about the practice, which the FCC claims is legal and appropriate. > Read more

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> See also, October 16 event - INTERNET TRANSFORMATION PANEL


Daily Caller: Missing: Regulatory transparency


Every spring and fall, as certain as the turning of the seasons, the General Services Administration’s Regulatory Information Service Center (RISC) issues a new edition of the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions. Or it did, until this year. Published in the Federal Register around April and October of every year, the Unified Agenda is one of the more important transparency measures we have for keeping an eye on federal regulations (available online at RegInfo.gov). In it, rulemaking agencies disclose what rules they have at various stages of the regulatory pipeline, along with rules likely to move in the near future.

The problem is that it’s now October, and neither the spring nor the fall 2012 editions of the Unified Agenda have been published.  >Read the full report commentary on Dailycaller.com

> Interview Wayne Crews, Ryan Young



Horner Book: Obama Administration Least Transparent in 50 Years

MRCTV sat down to talk to The Competitive Enterprise Institute's Christopher Horner to talk about his latest bestseller The Liberal War on Transparency.  Among other revelations, Horner told us that the Obama administration's response to Freedom of Information Act requests, often depends on the personal views of the individual making the request.  He also pointed out that both liberal and conservative groups agree that the Obama Administration is the least transparent in modern history. > View the interview



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