HotAir Daily Express 10/16/2012

Romney hits 50%, leads by 4 in PPP/Daily Kos national poll
10/16/2012 10:01:11 AM  Ed Morrissey
Last week, I approvingly linked the Daily Kos’ report on the PPP poll it commissioned when it showed Mitt Romney leading by two point, 49/47.  Markos Moulitsas responded with some snark on Twitter, wondering if I’d link future polling from

Romney gaining in PA?
10/16/2012 9:21:44 AM  Ed Morrissey
It’s been a long time since Pennsylvania was within reach of a Republican presidential candidate, but Quinnipiac becomes the latest pollster to put Mitt Romney nearly within the margin of error in the Keystone State.  In a single month, Romney

Hillary in 2008: “That buck stopped in the Oval Office”
10/16/2012 8:41:36 AM  Ed Morrissey
Who could have predicted four years ago that electing a President with no executive experience might end up producing a chief executive that ran away from responsibility for his administration’s actions?  The same woman who just took responsibility

Obamateurism of the Day
10/16/2012 8:01:36 AM  Ed Morrissey
It’s become no secret that Barack Obama won’t do tough interviews any longer, and it was the theme of our Obamateurism yesterday, too.  This one from Daniel Halper deserves a place in the OOTD canon, for an additional reason.  Once again,

Quotes of the day
10/15/2012 10:49:04 PM  Allahpundit
One senior Democratic official expressed real concern tonight unlike I have heard before about Ohio potentially slipping away from Obama (the state has been trending Republican in statewide races, Rob Portman has become a force, religious and gun groups

Video: American politics once again the lucky beneficiary of a celebrity ad for Barack Obama
10/15/2012 10:03:06 PM  Allahpundit
I know how much our readers cherish the enlightened tutelage of famous people generally and actors specifically, so let’s end debate eve with another round of Hey, I Recognize that Liberal Sneer. Yes, that’s Scarlett rocking the casual

Why Obama is likely to blow the second debate too
10/15/2012 9:21:00 PM  J.E. Dyer
The short answer is: because he’s got nothing.  There is no record to run on, no argument to make for four more years.  The ideology that drives him is outdated and bankrupt.  He has, in fact, implemented his policies – Republicans have had little means

Hillary: I take responsibility for Benghazi
10/15/2012 8:48:20 PM  Allahpundit
Fearless prediction: With Hillary having now formally accepted blame, President Above The Fray will magnanimously volunteer at tomorrow night’s debate that, no no, it is with him that the buck ultimately stops. The White House has been holding off

Reuters: State Dep’t suspected in April that Libyan guards at Benghazi consulate had tried to attack it
10/15/2012 8:01:06 PM  Allahpundit
Time for your daily reminder that State didn’t merely stick Chris Stevens with “average” security despite him living and working in one of the jihadi-est places on earth. The security they provided him was actively, inexplicably,

Interior Dept to America: You might think you want to drill here, but really, you don’t
10/15/2012 7:21:57 PM  Erika Johnsen
In addendum to my weekend post about the Department of Interior focusing its bureaucratic efforts on fast-tracking their program for quickly approving permits for solar panels on public land — yippee ki-yay — I’ve just spotted this

Video: “Zero Dark Thirty” trailer
10/15/2012 6:41:03 PM  Allahpundit
A few days old but worth it if you haven’t seen it yet. I posted the first trailer back in August but that was more of a teaser, to give the audience a taste of atmosphere. This one’s nearly twice as long and has more of the narrative arc.

The War on Bacon
10/15/2012 6:01:59 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Welcome! Let us explain. Kelly Maher of Revealing Politics and I are doing a little talk show for 30-45 minutes, here, at 6:15 p.m. every day. We named it The War on Bacon. We figure, since the government is after trans fats, big sodas, salt, and most

Oh my: Gallup shows Romney leading by five — in swing states
10/15/2012 5:22:57 PM  Allahpundit
Like Chuck Todd said this morning, “Structural shift.” A safe prediction for tomorrow night: You’re going to hear a lot about the “47 percent” and a lot lot lot about the “war on women.” As the presidential

NYT: Most weapons shipments to Syrian rebels are flowing to jihadists, not secularists
10/15/2012 4:44:06 PM  Allahpundit
Via Tom Maguire, the Times seems to assume that there is in fact a significant secularist/pro-western faction among Syria’s rebels. Is there? Enough of one to fight the fundamentalists to a stalemate, at least, after Assad’s gone and the

Romney, RNC raise $170 million in September
10/15/2012 4:01:29 PM  Erika Johnsen
Team Obama and the Democrats seemed pretty pleased with their impressive $181 million fundraising total for the month of September, and particularly proud that 98 percent of their campaign donations were raised through smaller donations of $250 or less.

Just for good measure: Another green-stimulus recipient lays off workers
10/15/2012 3:21:06 PM  Erika Johnsen
I missed this last week, but hey, who doesn’t love being regaled with yet another example of the many ways in which the government’s unceasing market interference continually goes awry? The federal government never seems to tire of fancying

We’re “in the midst of a huge recovery,” says FLOTUS. Who knew?
10/15/2012 2:41:28 PM  Erika Johnsen
Is this the campaign meme that Team Obama is going to aggressively start pushing at us with three weeks to go? Of course they often iterate that things are going better than they are, that these things take time, and that there were always going to be

Great news: Global warming ended … sixteen years ago
10/15/2012 2:01:27 PM  Ed Morrissey
Hey, don’t take our word for it.  This news comes from a group that has pushed the anthropogenic global warming panic for years — the Meteorological  Office in the UK, which quietly released the data in a report on the Internet.  The plateau

The Ed Morrissey Show: Kevin McCullough
10/15/2012 1:46:43 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Kevin McCullough joins us again to discuss the intersection of faith and politics. Kevin and I will talk about last week’s debate, today’s polling, and preview tomorrow’s second debate between

Giuliani: The WH is trying to “run out the clock” on Benghazi investigation
10/15/2012 1:21:37 PM  Erika Johnsen
Gotta’ love Rudy Giuliani’s honest commentary — no cowardly mincing of words for this guy. Soledad O’Brien tries to challenge him on his uncomortable-for-the-Obama-administration version of events and indict his use of

Bipartisanship: Both sides complain about next debate moderator
10/15/2012 12:41:22 PM  Ed Morrissey
There haven’t been many points of bipartisanship in this general-election season, so perhaps we should celebrate Mark Halperin’s report at Time of one rare instance — no matter how meaningless it is.  The next debate moderator,

Chuck Todd: We’re seeing a structural change in the race toward Romney
10/15/2012 12:01:16 PM  Ed Morrissey
Bear in mind that Chuck Todd is using the WaPo/ABC poll from this morning for part of his analysis, and you can see just how bad things are going for Team Obama.   While I agree with Todd on the momentum shift, I’m not as sure it’s recent,

An Akin comeback?
10/15/2012 11:21:42 AM  Ed Morrissey
Nearly two months ago, Todd Akin bought time on Missouri television to ask forgiveness from voters over regrettable remarks he made about rape.  Most scoffed that electoral forgiveness would be forthcoming, and predicted doom and defeat for Republicans

Lindsey Graham: Obama administration misleading, covering up on Benghazi attack
10/15/2012 10:41:20 AM  Ed Morrissey
What happens when an administration sends out a high-profile representative to Sunday talk shows to sell a false narrative, and has it fall apart shortly afterward? If we’re talking about a Republican administration, the very next week all of the