NHDP - Chairman Raymond Buckley's Statement on the Passing of Former Senator John Durkin

"I was saddened this morning to learn of the passing of Senator John Durkin. Throughout his life, Senator Durkin was a tireless advocate for the men and women of New Hampshire. Senator Durkin was a trailblazing consumer advocate, first as New Hampshire's Insurance Commissioner and then as our U.S. Senator.


"Senator Durkin was well known for his quick wit and willingness to take on anyone who stood in the way of progress and the middle class and provide help for those in need. Senator Durkin's historic election to the senate will forever stand as an example that every vote counts.


"I truly admired Senator Durkin and I was honored to work for him. My thoughts, and the thoughts of all those he served, are with the Senator Durkin's children today. Our greatest condolences to Andrea, John and Sheilagh"