Ovide Lamontagne’s Washington Allies Launch Misleading Personal Attack on Maggie Hassan’s Family

MANCHESTER – Today, Ovide Lamontagne’s Washington, DC-based Super-PAC allies, Live Free PAC, launched a dishonest personal attack on Maggie Hassan’s family, deliberately attempting to mislead voters.

Tom Hassan, Maggie’s husband, is required as Principal of Phillips Exeter Academy to reside on campus in a facility owned by the school. The building is used by the school for a number of school events and activities.  Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the largest property taxes payers in the town of Exeter.

"This is a misleading personal attack on Maggie Hassan and her family. The simple fact is they don’t own this residence,” said Matt Burgess, Maggie Hassan’s campaign manager.  “Ovide Lamontagne’s Washington-based allies are attacking her husband’s job as an educator in a shameful effort to mislead voters and distract from Ovide’s extreme ideas.  The truth is that Maggie would veto any income or sales tax and she has an innovation plan to create jobs and help businesses grow. Ovide’s radical ideas to pull the state out of Medicare and repeal the guarantee of kindergarten will hurt middle class families and New Hampshire’s economy.  Ovide should call on his backers in DC to take down this misleading personal attack.”