Shea-Porter Campaign Releases Strong Fundraising Numbers

New Hampshire- Carol Shea-Porter’s Campaign raised $675,428.08 in the third quarter of this year, without any corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money. Congressman Frank Guinta’s campaign raised approximately $360,000 in that same period, including thousands raised from groups such as Citizens United Political Victory Fund and KOCHPAC.  Carol refuses to accept any money from these groups because she believes that corporations should invest in jobs, not in politicians.

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement.  

“Our campaign is receiving tremendous support because people know that Congressman Guinta is under active federal investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), he is rated more extreme than Michelle Bachmann, and that while Carol Shea-Porter created and saved jobs, his votes have put the country on a fiscal cliff and endangered thousands of NH jobs. ”


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