Political Headlines - October 18, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Brown, Warren show sharpest differences on taxes: Senator Scott Brown says Elizabeth Warren has an insatiable appetite for higher taxes and more debt. She says he is holding the middle class hostage to protect the rich. Globe politics reporter Michael Levenson writes.


  • Obama, Romney turn focus to women's issues: President Obama highlighted Mitt Romney's plans to cut funds for Planned Parenthood Wednesday. Romney said women are focused on the economy and jobs. Globe correspondent Callum Borchers, business reporter Beth Healy and politics reporter Bobby Caina Calvan cover.




  • Obama needs to win the not-so-optimisticBarack Obama won the hope vote in 2008. Now, to keep the White House, President Obama needs to win back the disappointed. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi elaborates.


  • Cambridge cheers up about Obama: You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief in Central Square Wednesday morning. After Tuesday's presidential debate, it looked like President Obama might be back. Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham writes.


  • Tierney, Tisei trade charges in debate: Representative John F. Tierney and challenger Richard Tisei traded barbs in debate but steered clear of the issue of Tierney's family ties. Globe reporter Eric Moskowitz recaps.