Over 5,500 People Contribute to Maggie Hassan’s Campaign

MANCHESTER – Demonstrating strong support for Maggie Hassan’s vision to keep New Hampshire forward, Maggie Hassan for Governor announced today that over 5,500 individuals have contributed to Hassan’s campaign to date, with 77 percent contributing $100 or less. Since the beginning of the general election on September 12th, Hassan has received over $470,000 in contributions from over 2,100 individuals.

“I am heartened by the outpouring of support from voters across New Hampshire for our vision to create jobs and keep our state moving forward,” said Hassan. “I want to build on the foundation set by Governor Lynch, bringing people together and helping innovative businesses grow and create jobs, without an income or sales tax, which I would veto,” said Hassan. “My opponent, Ovide Lamontagne, has radically different ideas and is in lock-step with the Tea Party legislature whose extreme agenda will take our state backwards. As Governor, I will stand up against their radical policies, which would hurt middle class families and New Hampshire’s economy.”

Hassan’s “Innovate NH” jobs plan will help businesses grow and keep New Hampshire’s economy moving forward by focusing on education to build the best workforce in the country, providing tax credits to businesses, and giving businesses technical assistance to help them create jobs.

Earlier this month, Hassan was endorsed by Governor John Lynch, who Hassan worked closely with to balance the state budget, without an income or a sales tax, by making the tough decisions necessary to cut state spending during the recession. As Governor, Hassan will veto an income or a sales tax.  During her time in the State Senate, Hassan worked with Governor Lynch to keep the unemployment rate low, maintain one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, and cut the high school drop rate in half.

Ovide Lamontagne has said he would be a “radically different” governor than Governor Lynch[i], with extreme positions like rejecting federal funds for local schools[ii] and ignoring rising tuition costs caused by cuts to higher education.[iii] He supports plans to dismantle Medicare[iv], criminalize abortion and limit insurance coverage for birth control[v], and defund Planned Parenthood, increasing the cost of critical health care services for New Hampshire women and families.[vi]


[i] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkr_WSOovsk&feature=relmfu
[ii] Ovide rejected federal money to help K-12 NH public schools raise educational standards [Concord Monitor, 8/9/2010] and has said he would do it again [WGIR, 7/24/2012]
[iii] Ovide has said tuition increases were not of “utmost concern” [WMUR, 9/6/2012]
[iv] Ovide supports Paul Ryan’s voucher program to end Medicare as we know it [NH Farm Bureau, 8/2012]; believes state legislature should opt-out of Medicare and run program itself [Union Leader, 2/10/2012]
[v] Supports a “Human Life Amendment” that outlaws all abortion, and even some forms of birth control and fertility treatments [Cornerstone debate, 6/5/2010]
[vi] Ovide supports Bill O’Brien’s decision to completely eliminate Planned Parenthood funding [NHPTV, 2012]