Shea-Porter For Congress - Frank Guinta's Stunning Hypocrisy: "I Will Not Attack"

New Hampshire-  In June of this year, Carol Shea-Porter called on Congressman Frank Guinta to sign a joint statement to ask Super PACs to stay off the air and out of ads here, and let New Hampshire voters decide without undue influence. She said that if Mr. Guinta wanted to go even further and ask all Super PACs and all 501(c)(4) groups such as the Koch Brother-funded Americans for Prosperity to stay out totally, to include any field work, she would happily sign that agreement.  Her statement was, “Mr. Guinta and I have an opportunity to start cleaning up campaigns, as the voters want us to, but he has so far refused. I hope he changes his mind.”

This week, Mr. Guinta tried to dupe people at New England College into believing he isn't thrilled by the outside millions pouring into the district. "In comes an outside group and has a negative ad on your opponent," he lamented, "and it reflects poorly on you as the candidate."

In fact, Guinta's own campaign ads have attacked Carol Shea-Porter just as viciously as the outside ads now flooding New Hampshire stations.  Congressman Guinta is right—the negative ads do  'reflect poorly' on him. 

A new $2 million dollar ad buy launched on Guinta's behalf against Carol Shea-Porter comes on the heels of the revelation that he is struggling to raise money as the campaign enters its final stretch.  If Congressman Guinta finds this outside money troubling, why doesn't he denounce it?

"Outside groups have rushed in to bail out Frank Guinta's failing campaign," Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter noted. "While he may not be able to afford his own attack ads anymore, voters should expect his campaign's negativity and hypocrisy to continue."


·       Guinta attacks Carol Shea-Porter's strong support for small business in an ad rated "False" by Politifact: